Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Wrong Inhaler Technique ; MTAC Respiratory KK Telok Panglima Garang

For 2009, one of the planned activity for Pharmacy PKD Kuala Langat is to start MTAC Respiratory. We hope with this program, pharmacist can contribute an effort toward Asthma management and to help improve poor performance of QA asthma at primary health care. At primary health care, majority of patient with asthma manage and seen by Medical Assistant in clinics which have not enough Doctors or FMS. Due to this situation some of the district fail on management of asthma patient. Pharmacist at Kuala Langat take this wide opportunity to contribute an effort and help other health care professional on management of asthma patient. Now the awareness of lacking attention in asthma management had increased when at least asthma patient now will have doctors appointment one in every six month. With MTAC Respiratory which follows the same concept done at Hospital Melaka will help to improve certain aspects in asthma management especially regarding medication and inhaler technique. For information one of the reason why QA asthma at primary care failed is because of poor inhaler technique usage among patient. I hope with this initiative, pharmacist can help to counsel patient regarding proper inhaler technique and improve quality of life patient by reduce the number of admission to A&E for emergency treatment and to reduce incident of asthma attack at home.

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  1. Maak aih ... kalau macam ni amik inhaler bukan fail treatment lg, tu dah excessive dose, dah lah amik reliever. Kalau amik steroid inhaler pun camtu??? camner. So kene tgk juga SE and ADR