Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kuala Langat Unfreeze Back Home Medication Review

Home Medication Review (HMR) started in year 2005 at PKD Kuala Langat. At that time HMR in Selangor focus on uncontrolled DM and HPT patient. The program have been freeze after HMR pilot study review presented to State Health Director of Selangor. Dr Ang request the core team of HMR in Selangor to develop or alter the HMR program so that the element of visiting to patient home been eliminated. Reason for her request is to have a program such as HMR which aim to help and improve patient treatment outcome at clinic level only. So with this approach the number of patient recruited increased. A dedicated HMR team in Selangor gather back and develop new program called 'Medication Therapy Management' (MTM) and still focusing on the same group of patient. MTM started in Selangor June 2007 and a pilot study also been conducted to show an impact of MTM toward patient treatment outcome. These pilot study have been presented in Pharmacy R&D Conference at Hospital Putrajaya last year and won best presenter and runner up in clinical group research. The name of MTM then change to 'Medication Therapy Adherence Counselling' (MTAC) due to standardize the term used all over Malaysia in MOH. Now Clinic Telok Panglima Garang (Pharmacist : Mr Zulkhairy) and Clinic Jenjarom (Pharmacist : Pn Laxmi) in PKD Kuala Langat conducted MTAC program for DM patient and number of patient recruited are about 100 patients for both clinic. Just recently on March 2009 Pharmacy PKD Kuala Langat Unfreeze back the HMR program. Now HMR program in PKD Kuala Langat use Australian version of HMR based on my experience 2 week HMR attachment in Melbourne Australia last year. Currently we are targeting 2-3 visit to patient house each week with complete report and a discussion session with Family Medicine Specialist (FMS) regarding any findings from the visit. HMR now link with MTAC program conducted in both clinic. HMR program have its inclusion criteria and not only for DM patient. HMR can be sub-program for MTAC but HMR also may be suitable to strengthen other program in Public Health (MOH) such as Mental Health and Geriatric Program. We are still learning from experience and hope to hear some comment from other pharmacist or even academician or physician about this program. I will add more information regarding HMR and MTAC program in Kuala Langat in next post soon.
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  1. pharmacist's htarApril 13, 2009 at 2:42 PM

    congrates!!may this programme be followed by other district to enhance patient adherence towards their medication. Also to proof that district clinic has big impact in health services..chaiyok!!!

  2. A'ishatul HannanApril 16, 2009 at 9:20 AM

    Syabas kpd team farmasi kuala Langat, harap u all will succeed in this effort and contribute to the well being of the community. It is the aspiration of our program to provide seamless care between the hospital and primary health. Referring MTAC patients from hospital / kk to HMR service is in line with it.