Thursday, April 16, 2009

HMR & Wound Care Mangement

From HMR visit done by En Zul last week and last Tuesday, we discover that our DM patient experience Diabetic Ulcer at home. One of the case, the patient get a proper treatment from GP and another case without any treatment at all. In this situation, interesting issue to be discuss is regarding patient awareness on foot care? Do our DM patient aware on important of foot care? Are the patient education regarding foot care done at primary care? This is one of the advantage of HMR., we are not only provide medication review but we are also identify other health related issue to forward the matter to doctors of FMS for further action. Not only that, pharmacist should also educate on basic foot care at home to the patient and care givers. In develop country, the pharmacist are equipped with knowledge on wound care management. They are not just selling product for wound care but they also can give proper advice on which product suitable to the patient. Some of them even deliver service of wound dressing. One of future role of pharmacist at primary health care are on wound care management. We hope that the stakeholder will look forward to do workshop and hand on training on wound dressing especially diabetic ulcer.
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  1. Salam Dziehan,

    Definitely with our expanded role, we need to be trained in wound care management.If we look in the market there are many wound care products and nearly all of these products are available from pharmacies.I think it is a hightime for us to be trained in this area. We might call Assoc Prof Geof Sussman from Auckland Uni to conduct the course in Malaysia and I'm sure it will be a sucessful event.